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Airports Council International Introduces New Airport Wayfinder Service

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND - March 8, 2004 - Airports Council International, (ACI) the association of world airports, announced the availability of Airport Wayfinder™, a 3D animated visual information program that uses the latest Internet streaming video technologies to welcome and orient airline passengers to airports and adjoining regional and metropolitan areas. ACI selected the Airport Wayfinder as a valuable media resource in order for travelers to differentiate individual airport environments, increase passenger satisfaction and foster business growth.

Customized for each airport, the Airport Wayfinder presents international and domestic passenger information and promotes airport passenger services, commercial retail stores and restaurants, and highlights the airport's architectural beauty. Soon to be accessible via the Internet, the Airport Wayfinder will provide travelers with airport information in a captivating manner. Viewers will select scenes such as: airport overview, arrivals, departures, meetings and greetings, concessions and business facilities. The Airport Wayfinder presents perspectives of an airport unlike any other airport information video or brochure. Travelers virtually walk through the airport, giving them a sense of control and confidence as well as an understanding of formal entry, departure and security requirements.

The Airport Wayfinder enhances the airport's ability to: increase airport public awareness, promote greater usage, encourage business growth and decrease passenger arrival and departure concerns. The integration of airport concessions and services will provide airports with new revenue opportunities that can help offset airports' investments in the Airport Wayfinder service. The availability of the ACI Airport Wayfinder service is based on a multi-year subscription. The Airport Wayfinder video will be hosted, maintained, and updated on ACI's Web site, www.airports.org-- and easily linked to airport Web sites subscribing to the service.

ACI is launching an international marketing program to promote Airport Wayfinder to travel audiences worldwide through publications, consumer and business press, and links on popular travel Web sites.

The announcement to provide this unique service to ACI members was made following the formal Joint Venture Agreement approved by ACI's Director General, Robert J. Aaronson, and Air Travel Video Technologies, Inc. (ATV) President/Founder, Nancy Grimes, at the ACI World Conference in Sharjah, UAE in December, 2003. "The overall response from airport executives attending our conference was very positive," according to Andreas Schimm, program development manager, ACI world headquarters.

"As airports have become more complex and as competition develops, customer service has taken on central importance in our business," said Robert J. Aaronson, ACI Director General. "The Airport Wayfinder is an advanced information tool that can be used by airports to provide customers with the ability to visually and interactively familiarize themselves with airport facilities and processes before they travel - using the Internet or other means."

"ATV was founded on the knowledge that airports and airlines were looking for new ways to communicate airport information to customers," says Ms. Grimes. "Over the past fourteen years, ATV has successfully produced and distributed Airport Wayfinders to several of the world's leading airlines for in-flight viewing. The exclusive Marketing, Sales, and Distribution Agreement between ACI and ATV demonstrates the value of the Airport Wayfinder as an innovative airport information program. Together with ACI, ATV is delighted to now have the opportunity to provide airports with a more comprehensive Internet version of the Airport Wayfinder. The Airport Wayfinder helps travelers to be more prepared and to understand an airport's features and services, easing their travel experience. It is all about improved airport communications and customer service, and new revenue resource opportunities for airports."

Airports Council International (ACI) is the international association of the world's airports. Created in 1991, ACI is a non-profit organization. The prime purpose of ACI is to foster cooperation among its member airports and with other partners in world aviation, including governments, airlines and aircraft manufacturers. Through this cooperation, ACI makes a significant contribution in providing an air transport system that is safe, secure, efficient and environmentally compatible. ACI world headquarters are in Geneva.

For further information about how the Airport Wayfinder can best serve the world's airports, go to www.aci.aero or contact Mr. Andreas Schimm, program development manager at aschimm@aci.aero.

Founded in 1993 Air Travel Video Technologies, Inc. is the world's leading producer of international airport arrival information for the world's airlines, using copyrighted scripts and proprietary video animation. ATV was created to provide airline passengers with an informed and comfortable arrival and departure experience, enhancing international airline travel and optimizing the use of the world's airports. ATV produces the innovative concept of the Airport Wayfinder 3D animated visual information program and was the first to promote the program to airlines and airports. Since its inception, ATV has produced, distributed and supported in-flight viewing programs of more than 50 of the world's leading international airports for its customers, which include United Airlines, Air France, Lufthansa, and Austrian Airlines.

The Airport Wayfinder
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