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Jormac Aerospace Develops Advanced Bin/Liner System for Boeing Single-Aisle Jets
New system combines ease of installation, 28 percent greater volume and acoustic superiority over original factory bins.

Clearwater, FL, September 25, 2007 Jormac Aerospace has developed an advanced overhead bin/liner system for Boeing 727, 737 and 757 single-aisle aircraft to better address the completion requirements for staff seating in these popular VIP and charter aircraft.

As an upgraded replacement for the standard Boeing bin/liner product, Jormac's system combines 28 per cent oversized bins able to accommodate wheel-first stowage of most carry-on sized bags; interior LED lighting when the bin is opened; and advanced acoustic technology derived from Jormac's industry-leading VIP liners. The new system is the first available in fully integrated, custom lengths tailored to the client-specified interior layout. Delivery time for the new system is a responsive 18 weeks after receipt of order.

Additionally, clients can work with Jormac engineering to modify certain features of the bins to create their own signature look and design. Once customer specifications are finalized, the bins and liner panels are engineered and combined with complete installation drawings that are fully substantiated and FAA-certified. Installation in the aircraft is fully supported by Jormac liaison engineering.

Other features of Jormac's bin/ liner system include lightweight blade-type window shades; custom colors, latch finishing and coverings; upwash and/or downwash LED lighting available behind valence panels; and PSUs that can accommodate personal drop-down video units. The system allows for 2/2-business or first-class seating or 3/3-economy class seating. Side ledges with cup holders are available when using 2/2 seating arrangements.

"With 28% greater volume yet a reduced parts count, our bin system is a significant improvement to the standard Boeing product", says Steve Jourdenais, COO at Jormac. "This system optimizes weight, acoustic isolation and ECS noise reduction, while providing complete installation hardware kits to meet each customer's unique needs." First delivery is expected by the end of the year.

Jormac Aerospace, a division of Yankee Pacific Aerospace Inc., was founded in 1995 and became an approved FAA-PMA facility in 2003. The Florida-based company focuses on the engineering, design, analysis, certification and production of structural systems and components for the aviation industry. Jormac products are installed on more than 40 BBJs and numerous 727, 737 classic, and 757 aircraft, and the company has shipped over 29 BBJ interiors. The company manufactures liners, window shades, installation hardware, and ECS hardware for a wide variety of narrow-body and wide-body aircraft from Boeing and Airbus.

For further information, please contact:
Steve Jourdenais: 727-592-0303 x221
James McIntyre: Romeo Oscar marketing communications: 514-780-8525

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